Established in 1979, Tason Putra Holding (TH) has interests in a wide range of economic sectors. However, while the areas of endevor with which Tason Holdings is involved vary widely, all are built on a deep knowledge and understanding of Indonesian society. Tason Holdings is committed to achieving prosperity by facilitating the development of the Indonesian nation.

Initially, Tason Holdings established itself as a distribution and logistics company, winning the trust of major manufacturers and other businesses throughout the country. Later, Tason Holdings became inolved in the production of agrarian commodities, particularly rubber and cocoa. As part of its commitment to national development and recognizing long-term business opportunities, the company has become involved in the development and management of power and energy infrastructure and in other activities related to this sector. Finally, to support the development and expansion of projects in its existing business portfolio and to seize and create other business opportunities, Tason Holdings has created a division specifically intended to manage investments.

Through this wide range of activites, Tason Holdings achieves a high level of synergistic development and cross fertilization between its various divisions, facilitating the ongoing expansion of the Group as a whole.  Tason Holdings is not only ideally positioned to take advantage of the rapid economic growth in this country and the regions in which it operates, it is also ideally positioned to make a significant contribution to stimulating this growth.

To build a solid, growing and profitable business based on a strong foundation of ethical conducts, values and integrity of trust and relationship.

To be an internationally-recognized company where businesses are developed, along with the creation of outstanding entrepreneurial and managerial people.



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