With a strong team of professionals and highly skilled individuals we continue expanding our business to deliver added value services and products for the nations and other stakeholders.

Tason first began as a small distribution and logistics company serving a number of consumer goods businesses in East Java. From these humble beginnings, the company established a reputation for integrity and reliability amongst some of the largest manufacturers in the country.  Building on this reputation, the company expanded its business to create a wide reaching supply network that stretched throughout the Indonesian archipelago. With its outstanding knowledge of local markets and its carefully developed, reliable distribution channels, the BSR Group now provides distribution and supply chain services for such manufacturing giants as Unilever, AQUA Danone, and Multi Bintang Indonesia.

Bintang Sidoraya East Java (BSR East Java)
Bintang Sidoraya Central Java (BSR Central Java)
Mulia Multi Mandiri (Jakarta and West Java)
Buana Trans Mandiri

As a nation with abundant natural resources and a strong agrarian tradition, Indonesia produces a number of extremely valuable crops with a high commercial value on international markets. Of these crops, two of the most significant are rubber and cocoa.  The Bajabang Group, a division under Tason Holding, has achieved a great success and satisfying returns from its role in the production and harvesting of these crops over the past several decades. In addition, by providing employment and business opportunities for thousands of individuals and families in the areas of its operations, the Group has made a significant contibution to the prosperity of the communities with whom it works. As part of its comitment to a clean environment and in recognition of the importance of eco-labeling in winning the trust of international markets, the Group is committed to achieving environmental sustainability throughout its operations. This commitment to environmental and social sustainability has facilitated the Group’s involvement in a number of long-term purchase deals for its commodities. Building on these deals, the Group is now focussing on improving and expanding its quality and range of products.

PP Bajabang Indonesia
Lubuk Lancang Kuning
Bajabang Niaga Internasional
Tebo Project

Since 2004, Tason has become increasingly involved in establishment and management of power plant projects throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Rather than focusing on regions and markets that are already being served by existing operators, Tason has adopted the deliberate strategy of focusing on the less developed regions of Indonesia which, while often rich with natural resources, are afflicted by a chronic shortage of electricity. In particular, the company has focussed on such under-developed but extremely potential areas as Gorontalo, Kendari and Karimun. By striving to develop the infrastructure of these regions, the company is not only making a significant contribution to their development, it is establishing a solid basis for a on-going business relationship that will extend at least for a number of decades.  

As part of its commitment to achieving environmental sustainability and in the face of the rapidly declining availability of fossil fuels, Tason is involved in a number of innovative projects to develop alternative sources of energy to drive the generation of power. In particular, Tason is working to develop and implement a new power generation system developed in Italy and based on renewable marine current  in Alas Strait, Lombok. The project, managed by PT. Kobold Nusa, is the first of its kind in the world.

Listrik Nusantara Karimun
The Kobold Project
Gorontalo Energi

Despite the rising cost of fossil fuels, the demand for energy is continuing to increase throughout the developing world. Through PT. Walinusa Energi/WNE, Tason Holdings strives to assist Indonesian businesses, including such massive multinationals as Pertamina, to support the development and management of oil and gas infrastructure projects.  These projects include the operation and maintenance of gas pipelines for third parties, gas trading, and the provision of on-site material and skilled personnel to complete a number of vital tasks at a wide range of facilities. In addition, WNE also holds a trading license and imports crude and fuel products to Indonesia.

Gas Distribution in East Java
Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Gas Pipeline Project, East Java
Marginal Gas Fields in West Java

Tason Holding maintains a separate division to manage a number of investment projects in a range of different sectors. These include investments in mature projects and those still under development. The majority of investments managed by this division are in land and building, real estate, oil and gas trading, management training center, and stock portfolio holdings.

Tavesco International



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