At Tason Holdings, we are committed to growing our business by fostering long term relatiohships built on mutual respect with our clients, business partners, employees, and members of the broader community. We believe that integrity and ethical behavior forms the only solid foundation upon which to build these relationships. We believe that prosperity is shared, and that Tason Holdings’ business can only grow and prosper if we strive to ensure that those around us prosper, too. We believe in the skills, capabilities, and integrity of our employees and the people we work with, and we are prepared to invest in developing these capabilities in order to ensure our ability to serve and meet the needs of all our stakeholders. We believe that to prosper and grow over the long term, a business must respect the living environment, so we are committed to achieving environmental sustainability throughout our operations. We believe in the principles of honesty, transperancy and openness, so we are committed to implementing the principles of good corporate governance throughout our business.

We believe in the Indonesian nation, its people and its resources. We believe that by serving the Indonesian people, our business will win secure an established position within the life of the nation that will ensure its ongoing growth and profitability.



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