In the burgeoning industrial zones of Gresik in East Java, the demand for natural gas is continuing to grow. Walinusa is committed to participating in the economic development of the region by facilitating the supply of gas to industries in the area. To achieve this goal, Walinusa has entered into an agreement with state-owned petroleum producer Pertamina for gas supply is East Java. Walinusa is planning to construct a pipeline to facilitate the gas supply. The pipeline is expected to become operational by 2010.

This project involves the development of a gas piping system to ensure the supply of gas to gas-fired power plant units owned and operated by PLN in South Sumatera. PT. Transmega Energi will play a significant role in ensuring the supply of this gas by working in cooperation with companies and other entities from both the private and public sector.

Ensuring that industry has the gas it needs to power its operations is as much about ensuring that it flows from where it is mined to where it is used as it is about digging it out of the ground. PT. Walinusa Energi is committed to facilitating the ongoing development of the industrial zones in East Java through O&M Project to maintain and operate existing East Java Gas Pipelines (EJGP) from Pagerungan Island to Porong Onshore Receiving Facility (ORF) and from Porong ORF to Gresik, East Java. PT. Walinusa Energi has implemented a pipeline integrity management system based on industry best practices to ensure the safe, continuous operation of this vital pipeline system. Following this project, PT. Walinusa Energi is currently seeking new opportunities in this field throughout Indonesia.

With the ever increasing demand for fuel to power the world’s industries, gas fields that have previously been considered marginal are now becoming clearly viable. As part of its commitment to powering the Indonesian nation, PT. Walinusa Energi is striving to work with organizations from the public and private sector to utilize marginal gas fields in West Java. Initially, PT. Walinusa Energi will be involved in explorations of two potentially viable gas fields. In addition, the company has prepared a business plan for the processing, filling and transportation of gas for up to 200 km from the processing plant to serve the needs of textiles, plantation, and other industries in the areas surrounding Bandung.



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