PT PP Bajabang Indonesia is engaged in the business of owning and operating plantations for the cultivation of agricultural commodities with a high commercial value on international markets, specifically rubber, including high quality Rubber Smoked Sheet (RSS), and cocoa, particularly high quality, fully-fermented cocoa beans used by chocolate factories to increase the quality of their chocolate mixture.
This particular subsidiary has plantations covering 1,203.82 ha in the villages of Pasir Ucing, Margaluyu, and Nanggeleng, all of which are in the district of Cipeundeuy, Bandung. The commodities produced by this subsidiary are sold to both domestic and international buyers.

PT Lubuk Lancang Kuning is engaged in the business of owning, managing and operating rubber plantations for the production of rubber slab for sale mainly to domestic buyers. It has plantations covering 847.05 ha in the village of Lubuk Lancang, in the district of Betung, Banyuasin, South Sumatra.

PT Bajabang Niaga Internasional was established to facilitate trade in cocoa, either produced by other Tason subsidiaries or by other cultivators. The company is based in Makassar, South Sulawesi, the leading commercial city in Eastern Indonesia, where a large proportion of Indonesia’s agricultural commodities are produced. This subsidiary facilitates the sale of cocoa and related agricultural commodities to both domestic and international buyers.

Through this project, Tason Holdings is currently engaged in establishing new rubber plantations covering approximately 8000 ha in the village of Muara Kilis and Rantau Api, in the district of Tengah Ilir, Tebo, in the province of Jambi. At present, steps are being taken to register a new legal entity and to acquire the necessary permits and other documentation required to engage in development, operation and management of plantations in this area. Planting has already begun on the proposed plantation sites. The rubber produced on the plantations in this area will be sold to a prospective international buyer.



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