PT. Listrik Nusantara Karimun has entered into a 25-year contract with PLN, Indonesia’s government-owned electrical utilities company, to develop a power plant on Karimun Island, approximately one hour from Singapore. This power plant is expected to become fully operational in 2010 and will involve a total investment of approximately USD 19.33 million.

PT. KOBOLD NUSA is a joint venture between Ponte di Archimede, an Italian company, and PT. Walinusa Energi, a fully owned subsidiary of Tason Holdings, to harness marine current energy to generate renewable energy to meet Indonesia’s domestic and industrial needs.

With the increased cost and scarcity of fossil fuels and with increased concerns regarding global warming, marine current energy is particularly suitable for power generation in Indonesia, where a  large number of communities heavily rely on diesel power or live in remote coastal areas and do not have access to a regular or cost effective energy supply. As a renewable source of clean energy Kobold Nusa has found feasible marine currents in the Alas Strait in the waters around Lombok. Construction on the first unit began in January 2008. It is expected to become operational within six months.

With the ongoing development of Eastern Indonesia, the demand for power is outstripping supply. In order to promote the development of much needed power generating facilities, PLN has been encouraging the development of power plants by the private sector.

PT. Gorontalo Energi is one of a select group of companies involved in such projects, developing a 2x7 MW power plant near the PLN substation in Pohe. The electricity will be transmitted through a 20kV grid, built and operated by PLN.



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